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BCK’s quality inspection/quality management/welding/expediting services reduce risk, ensure quality and provides confidence in the compliance of your equipment with standard, codes and regulatory requirements.  We bring extensive experience and high levels of skill and commitment to this all-important aspect of every contract.

  • 2nd and 3rd Inspection.

  • Welding Services.

  • Quality Management Services.

  • Expediting .

  • Technical Consulting Services.

Quality provide solution.

We mainly base its cored business activities of inspection and consulting services such 2nd inspection, 3rd inspection, quality management services, welding services, expediting services.

Feature Services Highlights
  • Quality Control consists of the observation techniques and activities to fulfill quality requirements.

  • BCK can support to built a WPS/PQR, a fabrication procedure, testing procedure are developed and qualified to meet the requirements of the applicable standards and client specifications prior to the commencement of production welding.

  • Welding supervision to manage welders and welding operator qualification tests to ensure that project personnel are according to the parameters of the Welding Procedure Specification.

  • Coordination of expediting with all suppliers.

  • Monitoring the dispatch of material.

  • Expediting visits.

  • Field and desk expediting.

  • Inspection.

  • Recommendations for necessary measures.

  • Reporting.

  • Situation assessment for your overall project.

  • Supplier performance monitoring.

  • Conduct various GAP analysis on current QA/QC processes and identify key risk areas.

  • Define, implement and resource appropriate QA/QC processes, systems and documentation.

  • Assist with technical or quality tender evaluation.

  • Develop and manage the vendor inspection process.

Some of our work

We focus on the First in Quality, bring the Best in Value, the Confidence in Performance and Protection in Brand, Reputation.

We are continually working on improving services.

We are always developing our services to meet customer’s needs and satisfaction, whatever customer demands, from start to end of project.

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