1.1Inspector (BCK’s Inspector, Field Representative Inspector, or expediting) is authorized to make visits only as detailed in Section 8 of Assignment Instruction (to be sent before join the project).
1.2Any increase in the number of visits/hours or change of visit date must be approved in advance by Coordinator.
1.3When a Flash Report is required, it shall be generated prior to leaving supplier’s premises if possible, and in no case later than 08 hours after completion of visit.
1.4Formal Visit Reports or Weekly Reports shall be submitted to Coordinator within 24 hours of visit if possible and in no case later than 24 hours after completion of visit. If it is not possible for any external factors, reason should be provided via e-mail as soon as possible.
1.5Digital photos shall be submitted with the report showing the main activities carried out during the visit; captions shall adequately describe the activities/materials shown in each photo (recommend photo frame 4×3).
1.6If client has other requirements than above, they have priority overstated in points 2, 3, 4 of this Section. In such case or if there are any additional requirements, they will be provided in Section 2 (to be sent before join the project).
1.7Inspector shall routinely check revision number and approval status of all reference documents issued to him/her against supplier’s reference documents to confirm latest revisions are being used during manufacture, inspection, and testing. Any discrepancies found which cannot be resolved satisfactorily during the visit shall be reported to the Coordinator for resolution with Client.
1.8Any external expenses may be allowed, provided prior agreement has been obtained. If agreed before inspection, receipts are necessary to claim refund for these expenses.
1.9Inspector shall contact Vendor before any visit to reconfirm Scope of Work, date & time of visit.  Once visit details have been reconfirmed Inspector shall inform Coordinator accordingly. In case Supplier cancels the visit, please inform Coordinator as soon as possible or get confirmation via e-mail from the Supplier.
1.10Inspector shall have standard PPE: helmet, safety glasses and steel toe shoes. Additional items can be received from supplier; inspector shall contact the supplier before the visit to confirm what PPE are required and arrange accordingly. Depending on the nature of inspection, inspector shall confirm with supplier that basic tools are available for use during the inspection. HEALTH & SAFETY POLICY STATEMENT see https://bck.vn/hse/

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