Construction standards

  • ASME B31.1 – power piping
  • ASME B31.3 – process piping
  • AWS D1.1 – structural steel – code
  • ISO 2768-1 – general tolerance
  • ISO 5817 – quality levels for imperfections

Procedures and inspection checklist

Here is below common standards and sequence preparing inspection checklist.

Documents References
Operation procedures (company’s QMS) Fabrication procedures, material receiving instruction, release products …
Other procedures Leak test, painting, pickling & passivation, FAT, persevation and packing, …
WPS/PQR/WQT for steel structure frame AWS D1.1, ISO 15614-1, ISO 9606
ITP/traveller subsequently follow Client’s instruction, or make by your company format
Inspection format record form follow Quality Management System (QMS)


Design material selected various type and size, there are small piece and small offer in the drawing. So, your control material and construction limited quantity should consider budget extra cost such:

  • Order material of stainless steel, carbon steel, order in local or oversea, …
  • Retest material if order form unlisted the approved vendor or MTC provided not comply with project requirement.
  • WPS and welder qualification in different standards, material application,
  • Many scope applications in the equipment such ASME B31.3/B31.1 / AWS, …
  • Classification involve in project, their man-day cost may over budget. Verification of approval material list at DNV, ABS, …

Common material selection

  • Carbon steel: A106 B, API 5L X42, …
  • Stainless steel: A182 TP316, TP310, …
  • Plate: A36, EN 10025-2 S275/S355, …
  • Ignition tip: TP310S / HASTELLOY C276 …
  • Bolting: A193 B7/A194 2H, …


Submission documents and drawings

Submission documents
Project Document Controller will prepare a package or document register list for project, she responsible to control and submit documents Client.

Document list contains:

  • Reference number,
  • Revision,
  • Date of submission,
  • Date of return by client,
  • Date of issue for construction,
  • Approval status

Responsible in project:

  • Quality documents will prepare by QC, he may involve to prepare weld map and NDT map.
  • Shop drawing and detail drawing, weld map will prepare by designer,
  • Executing plan and schedule will prepare by construction team/project engineer,

A small project, a supervisor may in-charge all tasks or may support by another QC guy


Before submission bidding project, the project team will prepare a clarification to client and clear the question marks or concern in specification such:

  • Scope of supply and excluded scope,
  • Detail drawing not clear, conflict documents,
  • Offer for changing equivalent material not order in local or retest material,
  • NDT percentage, acceptance criteria, inspection,
  • Third party involve and cost extra,
  • Packing and delivery, transportation.

Order material and inspection material

Material order in the approved vendor list, other changes will be submitted in the TQ or got approval before inspection.
QC will check carefully arrived materials and report in the MRIR, including:

  • Steel,
  • Plate,
  • Pipe,
  • Fitting
  • Welding consumable,
  • Painting consumable,
  • Valve and instruments,


Special materials or free issue will be stored and properly protected by Store man.
Any arrived materials shall be checked by QC inspector and issued for construction by Storeman.

Most material order as small pieces and re-transferred markings by Supplier, Storeman should control and identify in the different color, example TP310 (Blue), TP304 (Red), TP 316 (Yellow), …

Cutting, fit-up, welding

Not detail here, because your client has approved your quality system before giving a job. So, they also trusted your qualification.

Inspection and testing

Yes, you need a experience QC guy, he will support to arrange inspection plan with client, and will support issue document, endorse docuemts.

Content of quality document (MDR)

Here is a sample documents in the MDR and also make a bookmark for *.pdf file. Divider pages may be added in the MDR.

# Content Page
1 Certificate of conformity 1-1
2 Approved letter or other endorsed certificates 5-10
3 Design and calculation sheet 10-60
4 As-built drawing and deviation change notices 61-100
5 Procedures 101-300
5.1 Welding specification procedures 101-120
5.2 Welder performance qualification and welding inspector 121-130
5.3 Visual Examination Procedure 131-135
5.4 RT/UT/MT/PT procedures and NDE personnel 136-180
5.5 Leak test procedure 181-190
5.6 Surface treatment and painting procedure 191-200
5.7 Factory acceptance test 201-250
5.8 Storage and packing procedure 251-270
5.9 other procedures 270-300
7.0 Material incoming inspection report (MRIR) 301-400
8.0 Free issue – material test report/certificates 401-500
9.0 Welding summary 501-550
10 Inspection report 551-600
10.1 Fit-up/visual inspection reports 551-570
10.2 Dimensional inspection reports 570-580
10.3 RT/UT/MT/PT reports 580-560
10.4 Pressure test 561-600
10.5 Coating inspection report 601-650
10.6 Factory acceptance test 651-700
10.7 Other reports 700-720
11.0 Outstanding work list 720-730

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