ER70S-6/ER70S-G wire conforms to the AWS A5.18 specification. The designations are as follows:

  • ER: indicates filler metal may be used as either an electrode or rod.
  • 70: indicates in 1000 psi increments the minimum tensile strength of the weld metal produced by the electrode when tested according to the specification. In this case, 70 indicates 70,000 psi.
  • S: indicates that the filler metal wire is solid.
  • 6: indicates the chemical composition of the solid filler metal wire. This wire has a Charpy V Notch impact property of -29 C.
  • G: “as agreed to by purchaser and supplier”. No specific requirements for chemistry, yield strength, elongation, impact strength.

Chemical compositions (%)

Note f) in table 1: Chemical requirements are not specified but there shall be no intentional addition of Ni, Cr, Mo, or V. Composition shall be reported. Requirements are those agreed to by the purchaser and the supplier.

Mechanical Properties (As welded)

ASME IX – QW-404 Filler Metal variables

A change in the filler metal classification within a SFA specification, or for a filler metal not covered by an SFA specification or a filler metal with a “G” suffix an SFA specification, a change in the trade designation of the filler metal.

When a filler metal conforms to a filler metal classification, within an SFA specification, except for the “G” suffix classification, re-qualification is not required if a change if made in any of the following:

From a classification that requires toughness testing to the the same classification which has a suffix which indicates that toughness testing was performed at lower temperature or exhibited greater toughness at the required temperature or both, as compared to the classification which was used during procedure qualification.



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