Material markings

ASME SA-516/SA-516M-2019 – Production Marking – Section 25

ASME SA-20/SA-20M-2019 – Production Marking – Section 13

Plate shall be legibly marked with (eg.)

  • The specification number: SA-516.
  • The manufacturer’s name or brand: BCK.
  • Grade:  GR.70N.
  • Heat number: 3-5642.
  • Plate identifier: 111-1.
  • Heat treatment: MT.
  • Additional: length, client, dimension, …

Code marking:

  • Txxxx – Plate.
  • Die stamp may be stamped on the thickness with T>= 6mm for carbon steel and  T>= 12 mm for stainless steel unless otherwise by supplementary requirements.

Dimensional and visual inspection

  • Dimension/masses:  ASME SA-20/20M – 2019 Section 14.

Guide to transfer markings information to the off-cut pieces:

  • Step 1: Verify MTC and original markings are matched, dimensional / visual inspection for each plate.
  • Step 2: Transfer the original markings to the off-cut pieces (unmarked cut pieces) by paint marker
  • Step 3: Stamp “processor’s name or trademark, brand (for resale) on both pieces, see Section 13.4 of SA-20/SA-20M.
  • Step 4: Shot photo of the original markings and new transfer identification for preparing a report, photo report should minimum show all production markings, processor’s identification, buyer name, date, signature, … and attachment the MTC.
  • Step 5: Cut the plates into aspect size for resale by processor.

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