We recommend to bring all essential variable QW-350 to welder qualification certificates (suggest for QW-484) or template. The range of qualification base on WPS, thickness, … Here are all essential variables:

QW-402 Joints

QW-402.4 or .7: Deletion or addition of backing, (back weld or back gouging, double weld are considered a backing)

QW-403 Base metal

QW-403.16: Change pipe diameter (QW-452)
QW-403.18: Change P-Number (QW-422 and QW-423 for alternative base metal qualification).

QW-404 Filler metal

QW-404.14: Deletion or addition filler metal
QW-404.15: Change F-Number (QW-432 and QW-433)
QW-404.22: Omission or addition insert (None)
QW-404.23: Change product form, (GTAW (solid rod) can not use electrode SMAW(flux coated)
QW-404.30: change t weld deposit (QW-452.1 (b) for welder qualified by volumetric NDE).
QW-404.32: t limits (for GMAW process only ).

QW-405 Positions

QW-405.1: Addition position (6G qualified for all positions)
QW-405.3: Change vertical welding (change uphill to downhill and vice versa, check welding electrode)

QW-408 Gas

QW-408.7: Change type fuel gas (Change 100%CO2 to 100% Argon)
QW-408.8: Omission gas (qualification of stainless steel required backing gas by argon, if he would like to weld carbon steel material, backing gas by argon must not be omission).

QW-409 Electrical

QW-409.2: Change transfer mode (for GMAW)
QW-409.4: Change current or polarity (not allowed the change from DCEN to DCEP and vice versa)


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